Digital Security

Task: Students learn strategies for managing their information online to keep it secure. They learn how to guard against identity theft; keep their data safe from hacking, malware, and spam; and to protect themselves from phishing.

Websites Recommended by Students
  1. Phishing in Plain English by Common Craft
  2. Secure Passwords Explained by Common Craft
  3. Web Security: Tips to Protect Kids Online Guidelines by Microsoft
Additional information
  1. What is computer security? Definitions by Webopedia
  2. 12 Tips to Protect Your Digital Privacy Guidelines on
  3. Keep Your Identify Safe on Social Networks Information from good information and the comments on the website show that people agree.
  4. How to Protect Yourself from Computer Hacking Information from
  5. How to Protect Yourself from Identify Theft Information on Webopedia long, but has good information if you choose to read it.

Student Project:

Student project

Make your own photo slideshow at Animoto.